Leftover Common Grill black bean soup – 19 January 2016

main160119setting160119We had leftover soup and leftover lentil salad ingredients. Asked to choose, D decided he felt like soup, so we had this. We just reheated the soup and topped with sour cream and La Cascada fresh salsa (mild version).Also had a new Acme Italian Batard, but ate only a little bit for dinner.


wine160119D brought up a Grocery Outlet wine called Campo Ceni “Toscana” (2009). We have really liked this wine, but I thought this was not the best bottle.





Later, we had the last little bit of the big candy cane we’ve been eating for a few nights, because I forgot to take it out to Mom’s for Christmas.

For lunch, we ate up one of the Costco avocados as topping for some nachos – great stuff! We used more of the La Cascada salsa on it, some jarred jalapenos in “nacho cut,” and some of the Monterey Jack from the Bowl that we bought to have on sandwiches with avocados. We just grate cheese over the tortilla chips (monster Costco bag) and broil to melt it, but I’m sure there is a better way to do that.lunch160119

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