M’s tomato soup; porcini in savory custard – 2 November 2016


M’s fresh tomato soup

Not sure why D wanted these two special dishes in the same meal, but it ended up working out well. I prepped the porcini, washing them and peeling off substantial amounts of hard bits, and left to dry, and D, once he finally got home, checked them for bad spots and chopped them and cooked in butter, salting them a bit. These are the porcini that I bought for the tagliarini I chose to go with our Ligurian wine, so they’re several days old.

main161102bBut there was plenty of good stuff – almost all of it – and it made a delicious main dish. The custard – this is for two portions: measure 1/2 cup cream, add 2 eggs and 1/4 tsp salt and whisk. Cut up the porcini (about 4 oz?) sorta thin, and mince at least one clove of garlic (used 1 and D thought it could use much more) and cook in butter till the porcini are soft. D salted the porcini, too, during cooking, without measuring. Cut up 4 oz scamorze (smoked mozzarella) into small chunks. Place the cheese and then the cooked porcini and garlic into straight-sided small baking dishes (cazuelitas), place in a dish surrounded by already-hot water, and bake 250 for up to 40 minutes (takes less in our small oven). Serve with fresh bread – in this case, an Acme sweet rustic baguette.

main161102csetting161102The tomato soup was taught to us by our friend M. This time I used 15 small to tiny dry-farmed early girls from Dirty Girl Produce. Wash and stem the tomatoes, but don’t bother to cut off the part under the stem. Drop into boiling water for 1 minute. Move to Cuisinart and cuise till close to liquified. Place a food mill, with finest seive, over your pan and mill the tomatoes into the pan, composting the seeds and bits of skin that don’t get through the mill. Heat to boiling and then simmer down, perhaps 30 minutes or so, adding salt and pepper.


Boiling down the peeled and milled tomatoes

I added 1/16 tsp salt (pinch) and then added that again, so a total of a dash, or 1/8 tsp. Ground in some pepper. At the end, I added an unmeasured amount of cream – likely 1/4 cup or more. D decided to grind more pepper over the top after the soup was served, and this worked very nicely. Would be nice to have a teeny sprig of some herb over the top. Adding herbs during cooking is also allowed, but not, IMO, necessary at all.

wine161102D chose a Grocery Outlet wine, Campo Ceni, which we have liked a lot, but this bottle was not that great, I thought. It says “Toscana” and is mostly Sangiovese, with Merlot (this via the QR code, online).



lunch161102Didn’t write this down, but looks like cheese sandwich (what cheese?) on the Acme Rustic, with lettuce probably from the garden, some cooked kale, and some uncooked cauliflower.



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