Skoodgeled hamburger with onions; mashed potatoes; broccoli – 2 December 2016

main161202setting161202D had used about 1/2 pack (1/4 lb) of a frozen hamburger aliquot while I was gone, so the rest needed using. D suggested mashing some potatoes, so I did that (Yukon Golds, all we normally have, though I think Russets do better for mashing) and he cooked up the hamburger, starting with chopped onion, and adding some spices, which included Worcestershire sauce. To mash the potatoes, I mashed them first (by hand with a nice masher) and then added butter, salt, and a bit of milk and mixed well.

ingredients161202-differentcolorsofbroccoli_dcsafeway_berkeleyfmithinkI also prepped up some broccoli – one from a farmers’ market here, which was remarkably white, and the other from [probably Safeway near] Mom’s/brother’s house, which was rich and green, and which I brought home b/c brother thought he would not be likely to use it up, alas. I made small pieces, peeled stems, steamed 4 minutes and tossed in melted butter and salt, as usual.

wine161202D chose a 2008 Brutocao Zin for dinner – a good welcome-home wine.

And of course, the only way to eat this is to skoodgle the hamburger and potatoes together!







I brought home two Ethel M chocolates, the dark ones that Mom did not prefer, and we had those for dessert.


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