Spaghetti with “lobster” mushrooms and scamorze; salad with radicchio and celery – 4 December 2016

main161204setting161204D picked me up close to 6 after my trip home from the ASCB meeting, and then proceeded to make this delicious dinner. He cooked one mediumish (3″ across or so?) lobster mushroom, chopped, in butter, with salt and pepper, and tossed that and some chunks of scamorze with the cooked spaghetti, adding pepper after serving, and a couple of bits of butter at the table when he thought it wanted something. It was an excellent combination. D thinks it needs one more ingredient, but he hasn’t come up with what that was yet. Or else he was talking about the salad. He found a value bag with three gorgeous heads of radicchio in it, for $.89/lb, which is at most 1/3 of the normal price. wine161204So we have to use radicchio. Not a problem. He sliced a couple rounds off it, and also cut up a bit of celery and added some leaves. He made a simple vinaigrette of olive oil and white wine vinegar, no doubt with salt and pepper. He thought maybe adding some fennel bulb would be nice.

D opened a bottle of Terras do Po, whose label says it contains Castelao, Touriga Nacional, and Syrah. We got it at Wine Mine for $7 awhile back. I enjoyed it. Had a bit of defrosted, leftover monster-sized Acme Italian Batard that D bought just as I was returning on the 1st. D left the end bit out to have for lunch tomorrow.


lunch161204-smokedsalmoncrepe-crepesalacartelunch161204-prepAt the ASCB meeting, I had a smoked salmon crepe from Crepes a la Carte, made as I watched. The crepe is created from batter spooned onto a griddle and squeegeed around, then flipped and filled. This part of the day was not vegetarian…



The crepe contained some sprinkles of cheese, a slab of smoked salmon, chopped fresh spinach, and capers, then some sour cream to which caper juice had been added. Salty but yummy.

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