Leftover curry with rice and Thai basil; naan – 6 December 2016

main161206setting161206D picked me up at BART about 7pm after my (not “the”) last day at the ASCB meeting. He just microwaved the excellent leftover mushroom/potato curry and the Thai jasmine rice from a couple nights ago and served that. He had bought some naan at the Bowl and warmed that up in the toaster oven, and that was that.


wine161206He had cooled down a nice white wine that I’m pretty sure we get at Costco called “Kentia.” The label has sparkles on the green leafy part 🙂 It’s a 2014 Albarino from the Rias Baixas region. Good dinner. Then we did our finance meeting for an hour or so.

Later, D cut a piece from the fruitcake R provided to us. R took over fruitcake since Mom is not able to make them this year.







lunch161206At the meeting, I indulged in two, two!, crepes from Crepes a la Carte, made while you watch. I had the same smoked salmon kind that I had on the 5th, with spinach, capers, a bit of very finely grated cheese, and some sour cream, that the chef told me had some caper juice mixed into it. Then I also had a banana and chocolate chip crepe. Very simple, but interestingly different in structure.

lunch161206-preplunch161206-dessertThe chef put banana circles (a whole banana) on about 1/4 of the crepe, and tiny chocolate chips on another half or so, then folded the crepe in half, and in half again, so it was cone-shaped, with the banana layer on the bottom. It was yummy, but could have used less chocolate, amazingly.


Would love to have a strawberry and sour cream one when that is in season! But don’t know if he even makes this kind.

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