Pizza with radicchio, walnuts, and gorgonzola dolce – 7 December 2016

main161207D found a bag with three heads of radicchio for 89 cents/lb at the Bowl last week, and bought them, not particularly knowing how they would end up being used. I thought of two ways to use them, and this was one. It’s a takeoff on this pizza, which is my takeoff on a recipe from Weber’s Art of the Grill. But this was a “using things up” pizza, so it was a bit different: about 2 oz radicchio, and no endive; gorgonzola dolce instead of Roquefort.

main161207-2-pizzaI opened our brand new bag of walnuts from Costco, and managed to write on it the date opened, for future amusement. It’s now in the freezer. I used a bit over 4 oz mozzarella (Costco), grated, with most as the bedding for the pizza and a bit over top of the radicchio and generous-1/4cup of walnut halves, broken into smaller pieces. setting161207The parsley is on second growth and very teensy, but I found a few branches from the first growth, and also took one from one of the volunteer plants peeking up through the crack in the back patio concrete (soon to be removed, I hope – the concrete, that is). Baked the pizza as usual, tossed chopped parsley over the top and sprinkled with dressing of 1 1/2 Tbsp walnut oil – completely finishing our ancient, but refrigerated, bottle – and 1 Tbsp red wine vinegar. It was good, and interesting, but we both like the “real” version better, I think. D commented this was “sweeter,” which would not be a surprise with the sweet gorg.


D chose a wine called “Laya” that we are pretty sure we’ve gotten at Wine Mine, but this bottle says “$5.89” which suggests Grocery Outlet. It needed airing, so D poured it back and forth into the 4 cup measuring cup, but it was pretty good. This is a 2014, and says it is 70% garnacha tintorera and 30% monastrell.

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