Basil omelette; dino kale – 21 December 2016

main161221Simple dinner at Mom’s, cooking for brother B so he gets some days off.

setting161221I made an omelette with I think (writing the 1st) two eggs, 1/16 tsp salt, some pepper, and quite a bit of the nice fresh basil I got at Giant. Too much of it for the Margherita pizza I had planned, so I thought of this omelette to use up some more of it. I grated some Monterey Jack over the top of the almost-cooked omelette, and folded it over.

bread161221-giantmultigrainToasted up some of the nice “Nature’s Promise Artisan Bread” from Giant – this their Multigrain – and buttered it.

Also boiled up four large leaves of dino kale, wine161221after washing and stemming them and cutting crosswise. Four minutes in salted water, then drain, press out residual water to the extent possible, return to the pan with butter. That’s it.

We had brother B’s favorite white wine, Chateau Ste. Michelle Chardonnay, which was a fine choice for this meal. We ate at the table, rather than in Mom’s room.









lunch161221Ah, yes… leftovers of pasta and broccoli that Mom didn’t eat – just microwaved. I cut some  small slices off the end of the multigrain loaf, and had a bit of the wine I left in a small bottle in the fridge last time I was here, and B never drank. Still ok (obviously, or I wouldn’t have drunk it).


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