Denver sandwich; sugar snap peas – 22 December 2016

main161222Moi cooking for brother B and Mom at their house:

B not terribly interested in food when he gets home from work but happy to have good, though simple, veggie meals. I thought a Denver sandwich would serve well, and it turned out to be a really yummy main dish. I used two extra-large organic eggs from Pete & Gerry’s, which B bought I think last time I was here (a few weeks ago). The yolks are huge and orange –  beautiful eggs! ingredients161222I added 1 pinch of salt – that’s a measured 1/16 tsp, using the measuring spoons from Restoration Hardware, back when it as still interesting – based on the success of that amount last night for two eggs (duh!). A bit of milk and some pepper thoroughly mixed in, too. I started by sauteeing a small cord of chopped onion, , then adding 1/4 of a lovely green pepper, diced, and cooking till both soft. This is all cooked in butter. I tossed the egg mixture into the hot pan and skoodged up the sides so the uncooked bits could seep around and cook, then cut the thing into quarters, and turned each over briefly to finalize the second side. I managed to keep the eggs integrated so they stayed together in the sandwiches. Yay! setting161222The bread, toasted, was a multigrain loaf of “artisan bread” from Giant. It’s quite tasty. Nice bread. I just put mayonnaise on the sandwiches. I also trimmed, washed, dried, and sauteed up (in butter, also, salting a bit) some sugar snap peas that B bought before I arrived on the 19th. I actually sauteed those first, before cooking the eggs, which require attention. I left the peas on “low” till the eggs were done.

wine161222We had B’s favorite white wine, Chateau Ste. Michelle Chardonnay (2015) from the county wine store ($9.49). Ate in Mom’s room (she liked the bit of eggs and snap peas) in front of the TV, hence the disastrous lighting. The main picture and the setting have been significantly brightened.


I made myself a Monterey Jack sandwich with some of that multigrain bread, and some surviving lettuce from the fridge. Also sauteed up some of the sugar snap peas. Looked pretty neat in the shadow of the Venetian blinds in the dining room:


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