Trinacria veggie lasagna; carrots – 28 December 2016

main161228Decided, with brother B’s agreement, to use the frozen Veggie Lasagna (that’s its official name) that R&E bought at Trinacria in October and left here for B. Looked to me (correctly, as it turned out) that it would serve four, so not perfect for him eating alone (or with Mom, whose portions are bird-sized, if she eats our foods at all). So I heated up the lasagna.

main161228-2I think we had something of a Mom-care issue as I was getting ready to start it, so got going late, and by then I had lost my ambition to make cooked carrots to go with the lasagna. Not that it needed a veggie in the first place. veggie161228

But anyway, I peeled and cut up two of the carrots I’d bought at I think Safeway, and served them first, while waiting for the lasagna (one hour at 405, from frozen). B waited to eat his carrot till the lasagna was done, but I didn’t.

wine161228The lasagna was very good tasting. My only gripe was that some of the veggies were quite tough – I’m guessing they were all broccoli stems that were not peeled, but I noticed the identity of only one of the toughies. We started with 1/6 of the lasagna each, but both wanted seconds, so we each ended up eating a quarter of it.

I chose a bottle of Cantina Zaccagnini Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (2013), which was fine with this meal.


Lighting can be an issue, if only for the camera.

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