Pizza with zucchini, corn, feta, and cilantro. And lime. And red pepper flakes – 9 January 2017

main170109We had cilantro left over from the pinto bean soup, zucchini b/c I bought one (not noticing the half zucchino in the fridge, which today died a sad death resulting in my cleaning out the refrigerator drawer), and feta from before my 19 Dec departure – little left (well, perhaps as much as an ounce?) after I removed the pink parts – so I suggested I make this pizza soon. setting170109D said sure, pizza would be good tonight, so that’s when I made it. New dough – all white b/c I keep forgetting to buy more “white whole wheat” flour. I bought an ear of yellow corn (39 cents, from Mexico) at the Bowl, and a lime, found a softening but still decent white onion in the fridge, and defrosted the two pizzas-worth of Costco part-skim mozz that I had frozen quickly just before leaving on the 19th to visit Mom and brother B again. I used about half the corn cut off the cob, mixed with 1/2 tsp red pepper flakes(this sits for an hour). One smooshed clove of garlic in 1 1/2 Tbsp olive oil (also should sit for awhile). Perhaps 14 stems of cilantro (just the leaves, roughly chopped). I cut maybe a bit over 1/4″ (?) off the onion, in slices as thin as I could manage, and squeezed the juice of less than half the lime (about 1 Tbsp – this was fine; could have used more but not a lot more). Probably a bit more than 4 oz mozz, grated, but I didn’t weigh it.

wine170109This is a recipe from The Cheese Board’s cookbook, altered for one pizza and my taste. I used their construction order, after the 1.5 minute precook (500F) of the crust: garlic/oil painted over the crust, half the mozz, then the onions, zucchini and then the rest of the mozz. Corn/red pepper flakes  and bits of feta sprinkled over the top. This I baked 5 minutes on the stone, then removed and covered with the chopped cilantro and served.

There was a bottle of Moulin de Ferrand Entre-Deuz-Mers (2013) – a Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon – in the fridge and I thought that would be fine for this pizza, and it was. (A Marlborough SB would also be really good.) We get this wine at the Bowl for less than $10.

Lunch: (This ends the “meatless” portion of your program: the soup has bacon in it.)

I realized when putting away the “cowboy” pinto bean soup the other day that there was not really enough left for two servings, and I later realized that this soup might make a good “chili” for nachos, so we tried that today. And it worked. lunch170109Still have a tiny bit of the soup left, which I think we will mash and make into a dip for a few more tortilla chips. We had a second XL Mexican avocado (excellent! – a Hass), more of the La Cascada fresh salsa, melted Monterey Jack over Costco tortilla chips… sour cream, bought for the soup. Yummy lunch!

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