Risotto with mushrooms and rosemary – 11 January 2017

main170111D knew we still had a lot of mushrooms to use up – two dinners’ worth, he said – that he had bought before he left for DC on the 31st. So tonight he made a mushroom risotto. He cooked chopped onion, rosemary, and mushrooms in olive oil, then added the riso and cooked with the warmed duck stock as usual for a risotto. setting170111(Duck stock was from the freezer! – apparently D, E & R had duck for TG while I was out at Mom’s and brother B’s, and E made the stock.) D added a little parmaggiano before the cooking was done. It was delicious! D added some more cheese at the table, but I tried it on a small patch of risotto and decided I preferred it without the added cheese.


Knowing he would make the mushrooms into either a pasta or this risotto, I bought an Acme Italian Batard at the Bowl.

D brought up a wine he’d g0tten at Grocery Outlet for about $5 – Sacacorcho (corkscrew) a 2014 grenache from Catalunya (Barcelona). It had a lot of character, and we enjoyed it. D had poured it back and forth several times before I got out of the shower, he reported.


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