Paccheri with mushrooms and boudin blanc; green beans – 14 January 2017

main170114We needed to use up some white mushrooms, and I suggested trying my boudin blanc pasta with these instead of the usual eryngii and hen-of-the-woods (maitake). I had bought cream for [what turns out to be] tomorrow’s “poblano quiche” so had some extra to use up, and it all fit together. I really didn’t think this version came close to the original, so will return to eryngii and maitake mushrooms [best sub: oyster mushrooms] whenever possible (which is almost always).

setting170114Threads that come together: 1) Cook Christopher Lee’s boudin blanc sausage in butter, 6 minutes on a side. 2) Cook chopped shallot in butter, add mushrooms [this time, I had to cook them past the “giving up liquid” stage through to the “taking the liquid up again” stage]. When done, add the cooked sausage, 1/4 cup cream, and 1/4 cup white wine, and some sage leaves (this time, just over a dozen small ones). 3) Cook 2 servings pasta will al dente – in this case, paccheri, 12 minutes.  I cooked 4 oz of pasta, and I think actually 5 would have been slightly preferable. Use the pasta water to heat bowls.

wine170114I also cooked the rest of the green beans – really nice ones! from the Bowl – steamed 4+ (missed the timer) minutes, then reheated in butter, and salted.

I thought our great Grocery Outlet find “remarkable” (Santa Barbara County Pinot Noir , 2008, from Brophy Park Cellars in Livermore) would work well with this, and D brought it up. I was so right! What a wonderful wine! We have only one more left…

Later, I had a slice of fruitcake, even though [for some reason] D didn’t want dessert.dessert170114

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