Fettucine with prosciutto, pine nuts, parsley, and lemon; kale – 18 January 2017

main170118This is based on a recipe from Gourmet’s America – IIRC the recipe/photo that convinced me to buy the book, back lo those many years, on the same Costco visit when I bought The Pasta Bible. Woa.

This is what I did this evening, with suggestions for modification:

main170118-2Cooked about 5 oz fettucine about 10 minutes (YMMV) in salted water.

“Toasted” 1/4 cup pine nuts in a small bit of butter, then moved to a plate to stop the cooking. 1/4 cup is a bit much – go for 3 Tbsp or even 2. OK, 3.

setting170118Tore up about 2 1/2 sheets of prosciutto, and cooked in a bit over 2 Tbsp butter. The intent is to brown the butter. The original recipe does not cook the prosciutto, but I prefer it cooked.

Drained the cooked pasta (water warms bowls); added pine nuts to the prosciutto/butter to reheat them, and also added 2 tsp lemon juice; then added the lot, plus 1/4 cup finely chopped parsley, to the drained pasta in the pan. Mixed. Peppered a bit (salt if desired – I didn’t). Wiped the bowls and served.

We had no veggies other than those committed to tomorrow night’s roasted veggies, so I cut several branches from our amazing volunteer kale plant. This is the kind of kale that has deep fjords in the leaves, and little epi-leaves ingredients170118growing out of the backs of the main leaves. Amazing. I tore the leaves off the stems and cooked about 4 minutes in salted water, then poured hot water into the serving dishes, drained the pan and wiped it, added butter and returned the kale, and left it on low till the pasta was ready to serve.

wine170118E and I went to Costco (in the pouring rain – suboptimal for loading the car, but wow, we were quick) and I bought a couple more bottles of Toasted Head Chardonnay (2013). I put one into the fridge this afternoon, thinking it might be good with this meal. Also bought a Gabbiano Chianti to try, and D glommed onto that, but decided it would be good with the roasted veggie salad tomorrow, and we went with the chard for tonight. I thought it was a fine choice for this meal. I enjoy this wine!

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1 Response to Fettucine with prosciutto, pine nuts, parsley, and lemon; kale – 18 January 2017

  1. effiwine says:

    Sounds and looks delicious, definitely need to try this. Thanks for sharing!
    PS Love the wine label!

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