Spaghetti with Trinacria tomato sauce and mushrooms; green beans – 3 February 2017

main170203ingredients170203I found a jar of Trinacria tomato sauce on the pantry shelf and brother B had bought some beautiful brown mushrooms at Giant, so I decided to put the two together for dinner. I just washed and sliced up about 5 0z (a guess) of the 8 oz of mushrooms, cooked them in olive oil for a few minutes till soft, and added [3/4 cup, but I retrieved 1/4 cup later b/c it was too much] 1/2 cup of the tomato sauce, and cooked for several minutes. I cooked the pasta the required 8 minutes (Trader Joe’s semolina spaghetti), drained, and added to the frying pan with the sauce. I added a few Tbsp of pasta water (conveniently saved by heating the bowls with it) and let the sauce and pasta blend for a couple of minutes. I think the burner was turned off by this point, but it could have been on low.


Sorry about the impossible lighting…

Cooked the last of the green beans in the usual manner: steam 4 mins, reheat in butter, salting them. I bought a half-cooked bread at Trader Joe’s today and baked it up 10 mins in a slightly-too-hot oven. Actually think I took it out at 8 mins though the directions say 10-12. B sliced it up and buttered the slices.



I chose what may as well be thought of as our house red here at Mom & B’s house: Protocolo, a Spanish table wine I get at the county liquor store for about $7.25. Amazing value, especially for here. Remembered to take the picture in the dining room before going upstairs into the dark!


I took a Ride-On bus into Bethesda to check out the Farm Women’s Market (minimal during the week in winter, as it turns out) and Trader Joe’s, and go to lunch for the fun of it. I walked around a bit looking for Bethesda Row, the promenade thereof, remembering it as a place with lots of restaurants, from when D and I walked through on our way to the bus a month or so ago.

lunch170203Not so. But right at the end, there was Pain Quotidien, which has always looked like an inviting place for lunch, even though it’s a chain, so I decided that was it. Lovely common tables of repurposed wood, a fire in the fireplace at the end of the table (real? looked nice but are wood fires even allowed any more?) I ordered a Croque Monsieu, which was quite good but not as sumptuous as the one at the Legion of Honor last month, and a glass of a Languedoc Cabernet (Franc? Sauvignon?) called “Bioghetto” which I quite enjoyed. The salad was crisp and fresh, but the dressing was uninspired, and not well applied (too little of the salad was coated at all). There were three mustards, one “olive mustard,” one with seeds, and one tasting rather like horseradish, which were good with sandwich bites.


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