Omelette with Monterey Jack, fresh salsa, and avocado – 4 February 2017


My dinner on a very old, painted wooden tray of Mom’s, before proceeding to lightless bedroom/TV room.

At Mom and brother B’s, moi cooking.

ingredients170204I noticed a display of fresh salsas (and guacamole etc.) at the entrance to the Safeway the other day, and decided to make this favorite omelette of mine. I bought a couple of avocados and the mild version of the salsa, and today went to Trader Joe’s and got Montery Jack (and an onion) (and mandarins and a chocolate bar :).



Edited with extreme Brightness/Contrast!

Each omelette contained 1 egg, a splash of milk, and 1/2 a “smidgen” (=1/16 tsp, so this was about 1/32 tsp) of salt. That was not enough salt, which surprised me b/c it worked on previous omelettes. Oh wait… oops, it was half a 32nd, so no wonder it was too little. Anyway, once the (each) omelette was almost set I grated Jack (unmeasured) over half of it and spooned on salsa, draining as much as possible before adding. I folded over the top of the omelette and then turned onto a dish that had been warming in the 179 degree (coolest it will do) oven and left till ready to serve. I put sliced 1/2 avocado on each omelette. Also served one slice of the Giant multigrain bread and one slice of the Morrell’s sesame bread (1/2 WW topped with sesame seeds) that I brought with me – both from frozen slices, toasted and buttered.

Opened a bottle of Chateau Ste. Michelle Chardonnay, which is a nice, tasty wine. Costs about $11.49 now at the county wine stores. I see I forgot to photograph the bottle, but a look back or forward by two or three posts will no doubt reveal a picture of this wine.


lunch170204I went back to the Farm Women’s Market to buy some Humboldt-Fog-like cheese and a semi-soft cheese called “Grayson,” both of which are close-to-local here. They were ok, not great. I bought them anyway after tasting, b/c I was interested in the local aspect of them. I found some beautiful-looking breads there at Homeshed Kitchens, and bought a baguette-like thing (pointing into the center of the photo). Unfortunately, the baguette, though it had excellent, crispy crust, was very dense and doughy on the inside, and not enjoyable to eat. I had the leftover wine from last night, and a tangelo for dessert.lunch170204-breadathomeshedkitchens-fwm



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