Personal Four Cheese pizza; kale – 1 March (ack!) 2017

main170301When I was at Cheese Board yesterday buying a half light-bake pizza for 2 lunches, there was no line and no one waiting, and I strained to think of a cheese I should be buying. Rejected the idea b/c I had several cheeses, but then Fontina Valle d’Aosta popped into my mind – a basic cheese for so many purposes. It occurred to me that I was trying to figure out how to use up the provolone and gorgonzola dolce that were in the fridge, and with the parmaggiano and this fontina, I could make a four-cheese pizza (Greens recipe). However, here it was February – and the fact that it is now the first of March doesn’t make that much differnce for this – and the pizza wants tomatoes. Well, actually, I was thinking of making myself a hamburger tomorrow night with the Kaiser poppy seed roll D & I bought a couple weeks ago (it’s in the freezer) and that could use the rest of a tomato. Luckily, I found some Odorikos from Miyashita at the Bowl. They had no smell, but I bought them anyway.

ingredients170301Three itty Odorikos for tonight, and one small one from which two slices ought to cover a burger tomorrow. The only other procuring I had to do was in the garden, which unfortunately turned our feral cat Tubbers into a runnig skulk. She has been in “afraid” mode for the last few days, which comes and goes No idea why. I didn’t get within 10 feet of her, but she scurried off.  But I did get a few short branches of marjoram and three substantial branches of kale for a side dish. Sorry, Tubby.

setting170301I defrosted the last of my personal pizza doughs by putting it in olive oil in a small mixing bowl, covered in (reused) plastic wrap, tilted towards the sun. That was about 3pm. By 6:30 or so it was defrosted and had revived a bit. I pressed it into a circle and let it sit, under plastic wrap, on the bread board, for a half hour or so before stretching it to 8″ or so in diameter, which just fits on my tiny pizza stone. I made garlic oil with one small clove of garlic, minced (obviously), and 1 1/2 tsp olive oil. This was a good amount. I sliced a tiny bit of red onion paper thin. I sliced the itty tomatoes, eating the top and bottom skin-heavy bits – and discovering they really taste like tomatoes! Yo! Grated about 3/4 oz each provolone and fontina, and about half that much parmaggiano, and mixed together, adding about 3/4 of the chopped marjoram. I scraped oldish outsides from part of the gorgonzola dolce and cut off that piece and weighed it, and it was more than I had intended (2x or so) at .6 oz, but I decided to use it anyway. What the heck.

So: cook crust 1.5 minutes at 500, paint with garlic oil (including the garlic bits), top with paper-thin cut onion and the mixed cheeses, then tomato slices. Salt and pepper the tomato (overdid this a bit) and daub on bits of gorgonzola. Cook another 5 mins, then sprinkle on the rest of the marjoram.

wine170301In the meantime, I tore the kale leaves from their stems – most parts so small they didn’t need to be torn smaller – and then boiled them 5 minutes in salted water, drained, and reheated in perhaps 1 tsp butter. They didn’t need more salt. Excellent kale!

I opened the McIlroy Chardonnay (2014; from Costco) that was in the fridge, and that was good with the pizza, though usually I think we have a red with this. Left the photo uncropped to show the chaos on the table this evening!



lunch170301Cheese Board pizza, second half of the half-pizza from yesterday, some with the cilantro sauce (in the teensy jar), heated well under the prescribed 5 minutes in the toaster oven (which is always fast). I also cut up all the broccoli from the stems D had taken florets from ages ago – still good. Steamed 5 minutes, tossed in butter and salt.

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