Hamburger on a Kaiser roll; celery – 2 March 2017

main170302-1D & R flying home, and I had not eaten my poppy seed Kaiser roll that we bought from Acme before D left (when they had only 4 round buns and we needed 6 rolls). I defrosted a ~1/2 lb chunk of hamburger (from Costco) by putting it into the fridge last night, and pulled out the frozen bun this afternoon. setting170302I didn’t bother with onions for this hamburger since I was mostly concentrating on cleaning the house up, but did put in a bunch of Worcertershire sauce and some salt. I fried the burger, using a bit of olive oil at first to keep it from sticking. I added a layer of romaine, and three slices from a small Odoriko tomato, which tasted remarkably like a tomato. for its having been picked in February. This one was a bit larger than – maybe even twice the diameter of – the teensy ones I used on the four-cheese pizza. I ate the ends 🙂 Mayonnaise, ketchup, S&P on the toms, done. I remembered, upon looking in the fridge, that there was celery to use up, so I cleaned up a stalk of that and cut it in two. Good tasting stuff, and nice to crunch.

main170302-2Since E was planning to collect R&D and I didn’t have to drive, I had the rest of the bottle of Brutocao Cab from a couple nights ago. It tasted really good, and I don’t think it was just b/c I had finished all the housecleaning. Or all I was going to get done, anyway…


… was delicious!

lunch170302I wanted to use up about 1 1/2 slices of prosciutto (used more like 1 or less, b/c turned out to look like too much), a bit of dying red onion, and the ends of the potato I cooked for my pizza. And also the cilantro/pepper sauce from The Cheese Board. Omelette! I cooked the onions in butter till soft, added the torn prosciutto and cooked some more, added the potato, diced, and cooked just a bit, then tossed in one egg, scrambled with a splash of milk, salt, and pepper, and cooked, skoodging the edges up so the uncooked bits could spill over the sides and hit the pan. I didn’t use cheese, and it didn’t need it. I ate a lot of the omelette without any cilantro sauce, and some with, and it was great both ways. Totally didn’t need it, though (I got the salt right). Defrosted (200 degrees in the toaster oven) two slices of Morell’s multigrain bread, and toasted and buttered them. Scrumptious! Super lunch!

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