Quesadilla – 4 April 2017

Last dinner with brother B. and he chose a quesadilla over an omelette with the same ingredients. We used up the second half of the 8-pack of Mission (brand) 10″ whole wheat tortillas. I grated some Safeway Monterey Jack over one tortilla, topped with a second, and cooked them in the largest Revere pan over “5” heat on the large burner of the electric stove, which worked fine. Had the plates in the oven at 170 (lowest) and put the first quesadilla in there after cutting, then cooked the second, splooshed some Tostitos mild salsa (B’s fave) in the center and topped with half an avocado, which I peeled and B cut into bite-sized pieces. Yummy! I added a bunch more salsa, which may not be a great idea as I expect it really has a lot of salt. We finished off the 1.5 liter bottle of Chateau Ste Michelle chardonnay (B’s fave, again) that we started two nights previously. Good wine.


I felt some obligation to use up the last few mushrooms, so I cooked them up and added 1/4 cup or so of the Trinacria Garden Tomato Sauce with Basil, then froze the last half cup or so. (This after making 16 ice cubes of it yesterday – that would be about 8 servings of ice cubes, at 1/4 cup each.) I tried out the whole wheat spaghetti in the cupboard (Ronzoni?), and unfortunately didn’t care for the texture. It was a perfectly lovely day so I ate out back to enjoy the yard before leaving on a jet plane the next day…

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