Burrata, marinated red pepper, and a salad of greens at 37,000 feet – 5 April 2017

I looked online to find appealing places to grab dinner on my way out through BWI, and discovered a Vino Volo on the A concourse. I barely had time to get down there and then to my gate at the far end of B, but they said when I arrived that at that time of day (mid-afternoon) they could put the take-out dinner together in 6 minutes, so I said go for it. I filled my water bottle and stuff, and they were done as promised. I basically just made it to the gate – found the A group lined up (I was a B) – but they didn’t start boarding right then. I bought a Camenet(?)  merlot to have with dinner, and it was fine. The cold chardonnay might have been more appropriate, but either is fine.

I enjoyed this dinner pretty well, but I think IAD does a better job. I used just a bit of the balsamic reduction this time, which was a good idea. The salad had a couple of beet leaves in it, which was interesting, and the lettuce was fine. The cheese was leaking (evidently it typically does, as they had put a paper in the bottom of the box), and it got a couple of the breads wet – one almost entirely so. The breads at IAD are toasted, too. and these were not. But still, the burrata with the peppers was really nice, and I would buy this again, most likely. There is also a salumi plate that looks as though it has potential.


Brother B and I ate up four (2 each) of the somosas from the Holi celebration on Sunday. 15 minutes at 350 worked great. Oh my these are good… Would love to have made a sauce but no major stock of ingredients here, reasonably enough.


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