Spaghetti with reinvigorated sauce – 6 April 2017

Home again, and D cooked up a spaghetti sauce he made yesterday, adding a can of diced tomatoes, some oregano leaves from the garden, some red wine from one of the not-good-enough-to-drink bottles we have standing around, two largish brown mushrooms, sliced and cooked separately, and a chopped dried hot red pepper from the hanging set my friend V gave us quite awhile ago. The sauce had to sit a bit while we figured out that it was the south office window banging in the gusty wind. (D used an angle iron to pull it in to the point where he could slip the lock, but the wood in the corner of the frame is rotting and the sash will need to be replaced. Ugh.) So, the original sauce was chunks of Columbus Salame secche, sundried tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, and a lot of fresh oregano (lots in the garden!) and parsley from the Bowl (not a lot in the garden!). He had that before picking me up at the airport at 10ish last night, and used it as the start of tonight’s pasta. The bread was also from last night – an Acme Sweet Rustic Baguette – but he froze lengths of it and we had the end tonight. It survived quite well.


He had opened a bottle of Campo Ceni Toscana from Grocery Outlet (last year sometime?) and had only a bit, so we finished that off with dinner. It was very tasty – a good choice, and had survived well. Then there is the glass – D found four of these (plus two that he immediately decided were orange juice glasses) at Urban Ore, and brought them home to replace the IKEA ones that have been undergoing attrition. The next-to-last one he broke accidentally (well, duh) while I was gone. These look nice, though they’re a bit on the heavy side. The bowl reminds me of the French one of D’s that I let slip off the glass hanger (and a non-French lookalike that we broke some-other-how).

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