Spaghetti with re-refurbished sauce – 9 April 2017

I didn’t get the sourdough recipe started yesterday (or today, for that matter) so no pizza tonight. With D and me doing our taxes and taking a workout walk (mild – D’s foot still hurts if he walks too fast) and all that, I suggested we eat up the last of the sauce. Which we almost did, but there’s a little left – possibly for an omelette? D prepped the sauce, adding more oregano from the garden, and some sliced mushrooms that he sauteed separately and then added. He chose one of the Cotes du Rhone wines we got on spec at The Wine Mine yesterday – the label says Fees and the first ‘e’ has an accent grave on it but I don’t know how to do that in WP. It’s from 2011 and cost $12. We liked it – it certainly had some pleasing tastes to it – but were not blown away, and pretty much decided we don’t need to buy any more. It needed a lot of airing before drinking, and we poured it back and forth 6 times before dinner. D also refrigerated it about 20 minutes to bring it down to an appropriate temperature.





Had nachos, using up some of the sour cream, but without avocados (how is this possible??) and D decided this would be a good time to taste R&E’s beer.



It was a small run and they had only one bottle to spare for us, but that’s fine. Looks like we had this in our nice little orange juice glasses. We both liked it a lot. this was a used bottle, and the main label is not theirs, but the top one is.

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