Common Grill Black Bean Soup; Brussels sprouts – 12 April 2017

We invited R&E to share the rest of our vat of black bean soup, made on the 7th. It was still good – R raved about it, though he does remember having it before. I served with a dollop of sour cream thinned with some whole milk (“coffee milk”), and some of the La Casscada mild fresh salsa, and put the remainder of each on the table for additional serves.

I got some Brussels sprouts at the Bowl, D cleaned and quartered them (they were huge ones) and we boiled them in salted water 4 minutes. I drained (heating bowls with the water) and tossed the sprouts in butter. Didn’t really get them dry enough before returning to the pan, alas. Salted and peppered, dumped and wiped out the bowls, and served.

I found out Morell’s now opens at 10am Wednesdays, and hurried over there to get a multigrain loaf, as I had promised R if we had dinner Wed night instead of Tuesday. He threatened to eat it all, but we do have some left 🙂

My notes say that Brother Thelonius ale was “perfect” with the soup, so we shared two bottles of that, but I actually didn’t drink much while eating the soup, oddly. Also seem not to have taken a picture this time. Anyway, great soup.

We were getting together to plan Easter dinner, and we chose some things out of the La Cucina Italiana editions I picked up today at Issues. Will be fun.

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