Asparagus pizza at Pizza Moda – 13 April 2017

Last night, D suggested we go out to eat at Riva Cucina today, which, alas, turned out to be closed due to a water leak. We both turned to Pizza Moda as a choice. Since the food at the reception I went to in the late afternoon was not of the “to die for” variety, I was restrained and still happy to have dinner at 7. We found multiple things we liked, but I ultimately lobbied for this:

Shaved Asparagus — scallions, chili flakes, garlic oil, mozzarella, lemon   15/19

We got the larger (15″) size, and ate it all 🙂

The alternatives we looked at were two pizzas…

Broccoli Rabe — garlic cream, roasted onion, crisped olives, chili flakes, mozzarella   15/19

Potato and Pancetta — garlic confit oil, mozzarella, fried rosemary, arugula   15/19

and two ravioli:

House-made Potato, Fontina & Arugula Ravioli   14
with Chive Brown Butter & Parmesan
House-made Asparagus & Ricotta Ravioli   14
with Olive Oil, Lemon, Chili & Garlic

The pizza was very good, but not nearly as good as I recalled from the previous time I’d had it. Pretty sure this was b/c there were a lot fewer scallions on it. I’ve done a really good rendition of this pizza, just have to find what I did, which apparently I haven’t yet published on this site. The server (all the servers seem happy to be there, interestingly, but this one was especially nice) recommended this pizza, and also the potato ravioli. The salads here are also superb.

D ordered a Falanghina white wine:

Gran Passione — Falanghina (Campania, Italy) 2014   7.5/26

It was hard-edged with essentially no sweetness, and not especially good for sipping, but went decently with the pizza. We used to have a white here called Hermanos that went with everything we tried it with. I sure wish they’d get that back. We forgot that Thursday is no-corkage night at Pizza Moda. Should have brought our own wine. Owel. We intend to go back and have a couple of the other things on the seasonal menu before April is over. Should be fun.

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