Not really dinner after the March for Science – 22 April 2017

So, I had to leave well before lunchtime – 11am or so – to get to the meeting place in SF, and had a small sandwich – defrosted chunk of a sweet Acme baguette, shavings of Fontina Valle d’Aosta (almost not enough to taste, as it turned out), a bit of romaine, and mayonnaise – before I left. I was told I could get food there and there turned out to be a few food trucks. I chose the first one I saw – it had only empanadas, and I got a beef one and a veggie one (spinach and stuff)¬† – oh and also a churro with dulce de leche. The churro was good, the veggie empanada was decent and the beef empanada was pretty underwhelming. I had water with me to drink.

When I got home, I was not hungry, and basically I didn’t get hungry till time to run off to the dance concert I’d promised to attend. Glad I had promised, b/c otherwise I would have been too burnt out to go on the same day as a march, and it was really an excellent show. Got home, and D had sweetly saved a glass of his Pinot Grigio (La Fiera, Veneto, 2015) which I’m pretty sure is from the Bowl. It was refreshing, though nothing to write home about in the luxury wines category (I think we tried it b/c it was not expensive). So the picture of “dinner” is the last thing I ate, which was about 2pm. Sorta lunch, sorta dinner, what the heck.

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