Pizza with prosciutto, arugula, olives, and mozzarella di bufala – 21 April 2017

I thought of cooking this pizza after looking up “arugula” in this blog. I used the previous post here to construct the pizza. I used two balls of mozz. The pizza ended up very wet (I actually poured off some of the liquid into a paper towel, and then moved the pizza to a dry pizza pan, and it was still wet) so I need to find a way to drain the cheese more thoroughly. It’s only the super-soft Gustosella that has this problem, but it’s the best-tasting so I don’t want to substitute another buffalo mozz – also, the non-soft ones don’t melt well, and can be rubbery. The arugula was from the crack between the studio drive and the old backyard concrete.

I went to The Wine Mine today to pick up a case of the Chateau de Manissy Cotes du Rhone that we had and liked, after buying a “tester” bottle last visit. It turned out to be a good choice for this pizza, which was nice b/c the case was still sitting on the kitchen island by dinnertime.

Some time ago, during one of my trips to the east coast I think, D made chocolate chip cookies, and froze some of them. When I asked if we had dessert, he produced these, which unfortunately exhausts the supply, but they were really good 🙂



D suggested using up the remainder of the “fresh mozzarella” (it’s not brine packed, just shrink-wrapped, but it’s fine for the eggplant sandwiches I got it for) that we didn’t eat on our Using Up Cheese night. He said make a sandwich and put olives on it. So I did. These are Nicoise, cut crosswise into 3 or 4 slices each. Kinda cute 🙂 Mayonnaise, to finish.


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