Spaghetti with mushrooms, pine nuts, and parsley – 23 April 2017


We puzzled over what to have when – forgetting I’d bought a poblano to use up the cream in a “poblano quiche” – and settled on D’s signature pasta, since we had both mushrooms and parsley wanting using. Mushrooms sauteed in olive oil, pine nuts and parsley added early enough to toast/cook a bit, then more parsley added to the finished topping, shaved pecorino with pepper shaken over the top.  Good, simple dinner.

We had our new Minervois (Chateau St Jacques d’Alba from The Wine Mine,  which I forgot to photograph, evidently, so you’ll have to look at the 10 April entry – sorry about that), and the remainder of an Acme sourdough baguette that we bought for…


I bought a new brie that The Cheese Board had in its already-packaged cooler on Friday, and we decided to have that for lunch. It seems to be called “Brebicet.” $22.50/lb. D took out the cheese and put a white wine in the freezer when we got home from our walk in Tilden Park, and they were ready by lunchtime. We liked the brie just fine, but I can’t say we were blown away by it. Also had the last of the Dean & DeLuca-recipe picholine olives, to which, at D’s behest, I added six Nicoise olives as an experiment (good), and some fava beans that D shelled and blanched (so as to peel them). He suggested skoodging the favas in the olive marinade, and he liked that a lot. I didn’t find it particularly entrancing – fine, but I really liked the favas plain, too. Also some celery, which is always refreshing. The wine went well with the brie – it was a “tester” from Wine Mine called “Flint and Steel” Sauvignon Blanc. It’s $14, which is not cheap, but a decent and refreshing wine. Good lunch. The rest of the wine is destined to be for my dinner on the 25th, when D is out to his coop meeting, so that’s where the pic will be 🙂

Breakfast with tiny banana:

I just got a kick out of how small this banana was and put it into the cereal bowl for size.

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