Broiled cheese sandwiches and fava beans after the Kermit party – 29 April 2017

Kermit Lynch Wines is 45 years old, and fortunately Mr. Lynch saw fit to celebrate by bringing back the parking lot parties that used to happen 3 times a year (and which were actually Cafe Fanny parties, which explains why they faded out after CF closed – and when Chef Christopher Lee is out of the country 😦 )

But first things first – this is a dinner journal. After lunch R stood in line for bread at Acme, and D asked him to buy us two longer-than-wide sandwich rolls while he was at it. D concocted a lovely sandwich for dinner, since we weren’t overly hungry at that point (despite the 2 mile walk home). So: he sliced one of the buns horizontally (duh), put seedy mustard from the Bowl, and some mayonnaise, on one side, and topped with very-thin-sliced yellow onion pieces. On the other side, he put shaved Fontina Valle d’Aosta from Cheese Board, which I bought on spec, assuming it would end up in a pizza. Not so far. Anyway, he broiled this in the oven (as opposed to the toaster oven) and put the halves back together, then cut into two half- sandwiches for us. I think (writing this 7 May!) this was the day I shelled all the remaining fava beans and then we cooked the 1-minute and 2-minute ones (small ones) by boiling in water, tossing in the larger ones first, then a minute later, the smaller ones. An end-pinch and they pop out of their skins easily. Then we reheat a bit with butter, salt, and pepper.

D brought up a Two Mile Sangiovese (Dry Creek Valley 2008), which was ok but we have let these go too long 😦


This ends the meatless/vegetarian portion of your program…


At the Kermit Lynch party, they served an oyster plate, but we were not interested in that, and all chose the following:

It was an excellent lunch. Loved the potato salad, which was, indeed, very mustardy. They offer wines they think will go well with the meal, and D chose this one (about which we knew nothing except it was recommended). The label graphic says “Y Leccia,” which clearly refers to the small print “Domaine Yves Leccia.” The wine seems to be called “Patrimonio & Croce” (2014) and D says it’s Corsican. Can’t say I loved it. Unfortunately, they can’t really pre-open a lot of bottles of wine in advance for an event like this, so they tend not to be at their best.

We walked home via the Spanish Table, where I (with D’s encouragement) bought the painted plate in the top photo above ($12, from Tunisia) and bought Chupa “choco0vanilla” (I think) lollipops, which we ate while walking home.

We also dropped in at two of the locations of Ohmega Salvage (but didn’t find the hoped-for (ha!) brass door pulls).

Some of the rescued nasturtiums on the table at dinner:

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