Ravioli with herbs and chevre; sauteed celery – 30 April 2017

D went to visit his friend and physical therapist J-M today, and among other things, they discussed the herb-filled gigantic ravioli J-M had had in Italy during her last visit. Also our friends R & L dropped in out of the blue and R gave D a couple of bottles of his rose since R heard D was/would be/had been celebrating his b/day [had been]. D was inspired, and suggested we try to make ah herb pasta that did not require our going shopping, the Bowl being one place you don’t want to be on Sundays. Sure, why not. So I picked the herbs shown here, except for the borage leaves, which D brought in. I blanched them 1 minute in boiling water to suppress the little piercing stings, and that turned out to work fine. I gave him 1/4 cup of goat cheese (Laura Chenel) half of it at a time to be sure we didn’t overdo it, and he added salt and pepper to the herb/cheese mix, and also grated in some pecorino Romano.

I had washed all the herbs earlier, and let them dry, and then D cut them up very fine. They totaled 1/3 cup. I made Bertolli-recipe pasta dough (1 c up flour, 1 egg) and D rolled most of it out into strips, and I ended up making two strips plus a bit into ravs, putting probably 1/2 to 3/4 tsp filling into each one. I cut the rest into fettucine which we’ll have soon for some lunch or dinner. Cooked the ravioli 6 minutes in boiling, salted water, heated the plates (not well enough) with some of the pasta water, dried the ravs and plated them on wopied, warmed plates, and topped with sage butter that D had cooked up earlier (and had to reheat). He thinks he used about 1 1/2 Tbsp butter. There were probably 8-ish sage leaves (you can count them in the photo if you like). I discovered a pan of celery, cut up and cooking in… oil, butter? … which D had decided on for a veggie. This is a delicious veggie and a great way to use up celery before it gets too old.

And the wine: CalStar 2016 Rose of Pinot Meunier, from the Russian River Valley in Sonoma County. A fine match – what a fun punt of a meal to go with this wine!

Lunch with (post)birthday treat:

We had the other Acme roll that R bought us yesterday at D’s request – half each in a sandwich. Writing this lunch part on 6 May, alas, so don’t recall for sure what the sandwich was, but I think we reprised D’s onion and fontina, broiled, thing from yesterday.I cooked up the last of the spinach by letting it steam in it’s own washing water.

D’s birthday was already full of treats and our big dinner out, so R put off his “cake” till today. It’s from La Cucina Italiana’s recent Dolce edition I think. A sort of “blancmange” filling with almonds and chocolate, and an interesting almond crust. What a kick! Had one piece just after lunch. The little napkin is probably intended to be a coaster. We seem to have a pile of them. Guatemalan? Probably from one or the other of our Moms who did not have a use for them.

OK, then we had the rest after dinner 🙂


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