Crostini with chevre, sundried tomatoes, and basil; English peas with mint – 2 May 2017

We finally opened the vat of chevre from Costco (I’ve been traveling to see Mom and brother B so much I haven’t had time to use it) and I bloggled to see how I might use it. I found this post from 2012 that had some nice little sourdough baguette rounds topped with chevre, sundried (oil packed) tomatoes, and strips of basil. So, D sliced last night’s leftover baguettes into 10 thin rounds (4 sweet, 6 sourdough), and I froze them, and today toasted them lightly in the toaster oven till toasted on the outside and still soft in the middle. I mixed… oh dear, how much? 1/3 cup? goat cheese with some splashes of whole milk (the “whole” really is not important) to make it smooth and spreadable, and spread it on the bread after the toasts had cooled. Used bits of California (brand name) sundried tomatoes in oil over the cheese, sprinkled dribs of the oil on them too. I rubbed clean some basil leaves and cut in half, and laid the halves over the cheese and tomatoes. I think more basil might be in order, but D thought they were fine.

D bought a bit over a pound of English peas and wanted to make them for dinner. He shelled them all, and boiled salted water: he put in the larger peas to cook for 4 or 5 minutes, adding the small ones after 3 mins so they cooked for about 2 mins. Or something like that. He drained them and added butter to the pan, and also got a few mint leaves and chopped them up and added with peas and butter. They needed a bit of salt, but with that, they were delicious!

Oh we do love this wine. a Minervois from the Wine Mine that we bought on spec, and the bought two cases after we tasted it. Chateau St. Jacques d’Albas 2014 (Domaine d’Albas) – it’s something like $12. Our new house wine, methinks.


D cooked some eggs, with freshly boiled fingerling potatoes (that really wanted eating – beginning to sprout!), and I think mushrooms (adding lunch notes on the 5th), and over the top put sour cream and some chopped chives. That was great, but during lunch he brought out the bottle of green sauce (Mexican?) and that was even better! I thought the sour cream and green sauce wanted to be separate bites, though.

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