Bitty bit of fresh pasta with tomato/chevre sauce; asparagus with aioli – 3 May 2017

Still using up the Laura Chenel goat cheese we opened. Costco is now selling this in a terrible container – too large, and too vulnerable once opened. Bring back the 11-oz logs!

But we make an attempt 🙂 I weighed the leftover fresh pasta we made the other night, that was not needed for ravioli so we cut it into something like fettucine. 2 oz, which is to say, one serving. I warned D about this, but he thought my idea of serving asparagus with aioli would finish out the meal just fine, and he was right. I cooked the pasta 2 minutes in salted water, scooping out hot water to fill and heat the “bowls” – which were Russel Wright coffee cups for this meal – before draining the pasta. I returned the noodles to the cooking pan and added the defrosted 2 cubes (about 1/4 cup) of Wells sauce – Patricia Wells’ simple but great tomato sauce – to which I had added a few sage leaves from the garden. I tossed the pasta with the sauce, and then put in lumps of goat cheese, and folded in till they melted a bit. Dumped the heating water out of the bowls/cups and served the pasta. The asparagus I cooked earlier, boiling 5 minutes (thickish asparagus) in slightly-salted water, then moving to an icewater bath till cold. I dried the chilled asparagus spears in a towel, and moved them to serving plates, and put them into the fridge till time to eat. I added a goodly splash of olive oil to the aioli to think it, and spooned over the asparagus, and that was that. Delicious way to serve asparagus!

I bought a Country Batard from Morell’s just before lunch, and we had some of that for dinner. Also, D pulled up a bottle of our new Chateau de Manissy  2015 Cotes du Rhone from Wine Mine, which worked great for this meal.

Ooo D got the cookies I was kindly given when leaving yesterday from the plant cell biology lecture. They totally survived in a tightly closed container overnight. Yum!




Sandwiches were Morell’s Country Batard, Cheese Board Fontina Valle d’Aosta, romaine, and mayonnaise (and mustard, in D’s) Very good. I cooked up some green beans that D bought yesterday, steaming them 4 minutes and tossing in about 1 tsp butter. They seemed a bit undercooked, interestingly. Didn’t even chek b/c I have long-term confidence in that 4 minute steaming time.

Treat: D rediscovered fresh-squeezed orange juice – and we discovered that two Valencia oranges make a good glass of it, so it’s not that expensive, or difficult. D discovered these little glasses with internal vertical indentations in the glass at Urban Ore and decided they were orange juice glasses, which started the whole thing.

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