Bread and cheese before the Symphony – 4 May 2017

Our usual pre-symphony dinner, when R&E join us: baguettes and some excellent cheeses to spread on them. I went to The Cheese Board and got one sourdough and one sourdough seeded baguette, and “Bonne Bouche” goat cheese from Vermont, and Brillat Savarin triple cream brie. I also bought some of their “Luces”(?) green olives with pits, the picholines being absent (worker said they have not been able to get the quality they want). I made the Dean and DeLuca recipe (lemon zest, thyme leaves, red pepper flakes, olive oil) with them, and they were different – very salty – but still pretty good.These were well received (i.e. I should have bought more 😉 I decided after that trip to run to the Bowl and grab some fruit, so I got Crimson red seedless grapes, and a box of strawberries from Tomatero Farm, which, though not really at peak, I trusted b/c of Tomatero. They were quite good, but… well, not at peak. But they almost disappeared during dinner. D brought up three white wines and decided that the one we knew – a Costco Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc called “Ti Point” – would be a better choice than the ones we had to guess about. It worked fine.

The Babi Yar was also impressive, though I would have liked better enunciation and pitch clarity from the bass.


I used my nice new plate, and had a fried egg, and toast with my Morell’s Country Batard. Happy 🙂

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