Spaghetti with defrosted fresh tomato sauce with new mushrooms and hard sausage – 5 May 2017

That’s a lunch-sized plate, not a dinner plate 🙂

I knew I was going to spend most of the afternoon running around shopping – University Press Books, shoe store – so knew it was not the day for a pizza, though I did buy the chard for one (to use up more of the Costco-sized vat of goat cheese) at the Bowl. Also bought mushrooms (plain white medium sized #2s, $2.89/lb), since D, investigating the fridge, had suggested we make a mushroom spaghetti, also using up some of the Columbus hard sausage from the previous Costco trip (I chose the Hot Soppressata). So before leaving I pulled a 2/3 cup vat (this is too much for 2 servings!) of fresh tomato sauce base from last summer, and when I got home, I peeled a 1″ or so chunk of sausage and sliced it thin, and added it to the sauce, which I put into the fridge. [Writing this on the 7th – Macron wins! French do not lose their minds!]

We had some of a bunch of parsley I bought I’m sure more than a week ago, still in water on the island, and D asked for that as he finished off the dinner. I chopped up all but 2 leaves – one for each of us – and he included most of that cooked in, and kept a bit, including the two full leaves, to put over the top. That’s it!

We had a slice of the Morell’s Country Batard I bought Wednesday (this is Friday), which has a long life b/c it is very moist, and then I sliced the rest of the loaf (4 slices and one end) and froze it.

D chose a wine we had gotten “on spec” at The Wine Mine recently –  a 2015 Planeta Frappato – b/c 1) we’d liked the Planeta wines in that day’s tasting, and 2) D wanted to try another Frappato. I think we liked it pretty well, but weren’t blown away by it. Price tag says $20 so we won’t likely get more.


I used two slices of the Morell’s bread at lunch to make a ham sandwich with the Boar’s Head Smokemaster Black Forest Ham (sliced to order, from the deli) that I bought at the Bowl I think Wednesday. I actually don’t think this ham is all that interesting – not very smokey, for one thing. I bought it to try out b/c it was on sale for $9.99/lb. And b/c I wanted something to put on the Country Batard. Romaine, mustard, mayonnaise. Finished off the green beans by steaming 5 minutes and then tossing in a small bit of butter and salting them. Measure four shakes of our salt shaker to be 1/32 tsp (“a smidgen,” per the measuring spoon set we got from Restoration Hardware back when it was interesting).

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