Pizza with chard and goat cheese – 7 May 2017

Using up that 21 oz Costco vat of Laura Chenel chevre. Still. Used perhaps a bit under 2 more oz tonight on this pizza. I’ve done this many times, so won’t rewrite in entirety. But I did weigh the chard that went into the pizza at 7.5 oz; this included the water still on it when it had been lettuce-spinnered and then left to dry a bit on a towel, so the weight is a bit overestimated, but not terribly much. I cut some mozzarella from the Costco chunk in the fridge (first time I’d found any mold on it since buying it, and just a bit on the cut face) without weighing it till after cutting, so I ended up using 3.1 oz instead of the 4 I’d intended. No prob. (An addiitonal 0.9 oz would be too thin to grate conveniently, so forget it!)

I used 1 Tbsp oil to saute the chard, and 1 Tbsp oil to mix with the 1 clove minced garlic and 1/4 tsp red pepper flakes that get dribbled over the top of the pizza. That’s about 2 Tbsp oil down from the original recipe, and could have been the cause of the somewhat dry feeling to the pizza. It was good, but not as great as usual. The lowered cheese amount could also have played into this?

Well, well, well – we were going to open a French wine in honor of the French people for NOT electing the nationalist/fascist today, but E came back from running a CalStar wine tasting with some opened bottles that needed drinking. Oh, what to do 😉 They gave D a choice of two bottles from three (I would have taken the chard rather than the zin, I think, but they’re all great) and tonight we had a 2014 Pinot Noir (Russian River Valley, Sonoma County) with the pizza. Looking back, I would have saved this for the lamb merlot tomorrow, and had the Za Za Zin with this pizza. Unfortunate mistake. Pizza didn’t give the Pinot a chance to shine. I was worried about it not lasting, but in the fridge, it probably would have. Alas.

Vive La France!

We had a madeleine each to celebrate the decisive, landslide defeat of Marine Le Pen.

I say “each” b/c last night, when R delivered them, we were full from our Mint Leaf dinner, and just split one just to make our mouths happy 🙂



D had to run off to work at his art Coop (or rather, didn’t b/c they had lost the signup list and gotten new volunteers, but he didn’t know that yet…) so we had a quick lunch, eating up the mixed-up ingredients of last night’s “vermicelli” salad from Mint Leaf. I put Sriracha on a bit of mine b/c D thought it was great last night, and he was right. So later I added more. The bowl is actually from that very art coop, created by Itsuko Zenitani.


For some reason, D decided we’d have another madeleine in the afternoon and was making espresso to go with it, first I heard about it 🙂 Life is good!






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