Leftover sweet potato curry; paratha bread – 9 May 2017

Took a night off between lamb dinners – also b/c had lamb lunch – to finish off the leftovers we took home from Mint Leaf on the weekend. Also, James Comey was fired today, while I was sitting in La Foot on College waiting to be served. Just noting that, as by all rights this even should change the trajectory of the nation. We’ll see. Anyhow:

Had very little of the coconut rice left, so looked up to see if there was a consensus on how to do this on the internet. No. But two things: sweeten or not-sweeten? I decided no sugar. Also, the net recipes all used a much lower ration of water to rice than we do (ours: 2:1) but it may be b/c they wash their rice (i.e. wash all the B vitamins off their rice) before cooking? Anyway, I decided to use 1 cup rice and 1 cups liquid, so I put some water into a 2 cup measure, added the 5.46 oz can of Thai Kitchen coconut milk, and then filled to a complete 2 cups. The cream was quite solid, but I dumped the whole thing into a pan and stirred up quite a bit with a fork, and finally added the rice and cooked as usual. It worked quite well, I thought, though the grains were not as separate as those in restaurants (probably b/c no washing…) I tossed the small bit of leftover rice into the pan a few minutes before the end to heat it up, and stirred in just a bit.

Just reheated the curry in a pan. The bowls, though are from Itsuko Zenitani, bought at Friends and Family Day at ACCI, Berkeley.

D asked if we had anything like naan bread in the freezer, and I said only the paratha. From Deep Indian or something like that. I cooked that in a frying pan as directed. It has a good flavor, but I’m not convinced I’m really doing it right.

D wanted to use one of the wines in the fridge, and when he pulled it out, I noticed what he hadn’t, that the back was annotated to say “spicey food,” so it turned out to be a good choice. The wine was from the Finger Lakes region of New York, bought at The Wine Mine. Called “Ravines,” “Keuka Village White Wine,” it’s only 12% alcohol, a big plus, and $11. We enjoyed it.




D was going to be home too late for me, so I made up my own sandwich on an Acme Rustic baguette part, left D some, and I think (writing this the 11th) froze the rest straightaway. I used some of the lamb from last night, some romaine, and mayonnaise, and it was a yummy sandwich. Made up two patties out of the leftover semolina with bay, and fried them in a bit of butter – delicious! That recipe is almost worth making just for the leftovers!

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