Leftover lamb, semolina with bay, and cranberry beans; cooked carrots – 10 May 2017

Leftovers tonight. I cooked up the one cup of cranberry beans resulting from D’s shelling adventures a day or two ago, using the Bertolli recipe. While I took a shower, he got all the rest of the lamb off the bone and started a stock, and also cleaned up four small farmers’ market carrots (he hadn’t been impressed by their sweetness – too late in the year?) and cooked them with butter, salt, and some tarragon – most excellent idea! I squished some of the semolina-with-bay into four patties and cooked them in butter, on a hottish cast-iron frying pan. D mixed his lamb cubes with the remainder of the marinade-plus-wine that was left over, and reheated it. D thought we’d eat it all, but when he was dishing it out I pointed out that it was twice as much as we needed. That’s it. Oh, we had this nice bit of uneaten marinade on our plates, so I took out a frozen slice of Acme Italian and heated it a couple of minutes in the toaster oven to defrost it, and we mopped up the delicious marinade with that ๐Ÿ™‚

D suggested (via text) I get either one of the CalStar pinots or an Eguia Rioja from the cellar, and I decided to go for the Rioja. I chose one of the 2007s, though we still have one 2005 in the cellar. I’m not going to have that till we think of it at least 4 hours in advance! So, neither of us was crazy about how this bottle stacked up, I’m afraid. Fine, but not special. I think this is from a case we got at Costco, after finding some really Rioja-tasting ones at a Vintage Berkeley tasting (and buying a case there). The VB ones were $16, so when we found more at Costco for maybe $10, we bought a lot of them – but it’s not a favorite of D’s so he kind of never chose it – and this is partly b/c we don’t really have meat that often, and this is a really meaty wine. Owel ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


We visited the “Hippie Modernism” exhibit at BAMPFA in the morning (verdict: more useful for artists, art historians, and architects who have time to study it, but fun to see some old relics from our youth) and ended up haing lunch in Berkeley. Looked at a cafe in the center of town that D had gone to for a snack in the past and liked, but ended up trying something new, “Brazil Cafe.” Good, not great, but probably worth a second try. We chose two small plates, not realizing both were deep fried. Neither really hit the spot on tastiness, but they may just have been less salty than one usually expects with deep fried stuff. Which is probably a good thing… Small plates were:

D got one stick before I grabbed a shot… see right…

D had a beer on tap – I think a lager, and I had a glass of wine:




We decided to try dessert instead of ordering another small plate, b/c the desserts looked kinda pretty. Three types, all in small glasses. We both wanted to try the chocolate one, and I sent D to decide on the others after I’d seen them. He passed on the guava and cheese, and chose a custard(?) topped with passion fruit, which was tangy and interesting. The chocolate one was pretty indulgent, but lacked brightness and was kind of heavy. Still enjoyed it, though.

Outside the cafe:

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