Dinner at Riva Cucina – 11 May 2017

D and I decided finally to get to Riva Cucina, which we had tried to do on 17 December (but they apologetically said they had only one table, by the door, and someone else was asking for it so if we’re not coming please let us know – so we gave it to the other people… anyway…) Decided to go in January instead. It’s May now, isn’t it. So this is the December visit and sometime we’ll get around to having our anniversary (May, past already) dinner here, too. There’s certainly plenty to love on multiple visits 🙂

The Acme bread, served with their rosemary olive oil, is always a treat.

So, this time I decided to try a whole fish, but I was not excited about it in the end. It was called Branzino alla griglia (“Grilled herb and breadcrumb-crusted whole Mediterranean seabass, roasted potatoes, arugula, fennel, lemon, $27). The taste was terrific, but even after the fish was boned (“filleted”) by the server, I ended up contending with quite a few bones large enough to be dangerous (I think). Salad fine, fresh, interesting, but not to-die-for. The potatoes were scrumptious, and really, my only problem with the fish was that I don’t like having to fight with bones.

D had the Ravioli ai Carciofi (Artichoke, mascarpone and Parmigiano ravioli sauteed with brown butter, sage, Parmigiano, $17″), but apparently I didn’t get a picture of it. It’s ravioli.

I asked Massi which wine he would choose to have with the fish, and he wasn’t assertive about it – asked whether I liked red or white wine. He and D settled on the 2012 Ricci Timorasso (“Rare varietal, rich & complex. Ripe apricot & honey, amazing structure, long finish. [Piemonte] $44”). It was fine, but I didn’t get any synergy between wine and food this time. We really should come on no-corkage night (Wed) and bring a $40 wine instead of buying a $20 wine for $40 🙂 But still tip for the wine price!

We decided to go for a panna cotta (mint!) for dessert, splitting it between the two of us. It was completely delicious, and we both got a kick out of the mint taste, and the green pudding. I also indulged in a pot of Earl Grey tea, which hit the spot.






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