Calabrian sausage; broccolini; tarragon potato salad – 13 May 2017

Writing this the 29th, based on memory and photos. We had potato salad to use up, and D suggested we defrost one of Christopher Lee’s Calabrian sausages to have with it. He had bought some broccolini at the Grand Lake farmers’ market I think (right day) and boiled that up and served with butter and salt. The sausage he cooked in a bit of oil for many minutes, then split lengthwise to be sure it was cooked internally, and laid it cut-side-down on the frying pan to finish it.

We had what is sort of our new house wine with this, Domain d’Albas Minervois (2014) from The Wine Mine.

Here are a couple of lagniappes from the Farmers’ Market bouquets:







Had a nice small lunch, after the students graduated, at the President’s reception, where there were a selection of small sandwiches and salads. The chicken salad was the winner. The other one here is cucumber, with I think cream cheese or chevre (sorry don’t remember). There was a salmon one (not pictured) and another. The salad is quinoa ‘n’ stuff.

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