Omelette with mushrooms; broccolini; tarragon potato salad – 14 May 2017

Don’t remember this well (writing the 29th) but I think there was something important D wanted to use up in the omelette. Maybe just the mushrooms. We had more of the broccolini that D had bought from the Grand Lake farmers’ market on the 13th, and more of the leftover tarragon potato salad I had made earlier. Good, quick dinner 🙂

Wine was a great Groceryr Outlet find from a year or more ago: a still-great 2008 Brutocao zinfandel.

…. However, there are no fewer than seven photos for this day, and they remind me it was Mothers’ Day. Aha. Let’s go first to


…which was a grilled cheese sandwich, clearly on Acme Italian Batard.

We also ate up the rest of the fava beans that I boiled up yesterday. Probably the cheese in the sandwich was raclette, from the Cheese Board.

But then, R&E showed up with Mother’s Day cake, a lovely concoction that I believe I recall was a pistachio pound cake with creamy icing and (obviously) raspberries on the top. Beautiful and yummy!

My piece:

And let’s see the cut cake:

OK, simplest dinner, but somehow we have seven photos – helps that we started with breakfast. D bought a batch of the cutest little bananas, and I just got a kick out of them, so I photographed on in my cereal bones for scale. Isn’t it cute??



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