Scotch Broth; semonlina-with-bay patties; chard stems – 16 May 2017

I used my lamb broth from last week’s leftover bits to make Scotch Broth. I defrosted some bits of lamb from 2012(!!) that were marked as being small chunks – they were too small for a good kebab, indeed, but just fine smelling (and tasting – later). I cut them into pieces larger than I usually use in this soup, and sauteed, also cutting up a bit of onion to precook, and some carrots that were from the farmers’ market (Berkeley) but did not meet D’s sweetness criterion, so were deemed cooking carrots. Had all the stems – already washed and cut into bite-sized pieces – from the chard from… last week? … and just cooked them up in olive oil (salting, peppering) Also fried up (in butter) the last of the semolina-with-bay that needed using – exceptionally good this way. Had the end of what looks like (writing this the 30th) the end of a Morell’s loaf, likely Country Batard.

D pointed out that “my” Equia Riojas were among the wines most in need of drinking, so I pulled the oldest one out and opened it at 2pm. This was a 2005, undoubtedly from our first purchase of this wine at a Vintage Berkeley tasting. It was the first wine since forever that tasted like my image of a Rioja, so I decided we should buy a case, and this is the last one. So, finally I let one breathe at least the 4 hours we decided it needed. It was really good. More for tomorrow in a half-bottle in the fridge.

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