Random punted dinner after City Arts & Lectures – 17 May 2017

My friend and former student E invited me this morning to attend a City Arts & Lectures presentation this evening. My first reaction, having my mind all made up about dinner & such, was “no, can’t” but really – what an opportunity! With D away, I had no commitments at all for the evening, so I said Yes, and had a great time. But. The program started at 7pm, so too early to eat beforehand and too late after. I grabbed a Larabar to eat while walking to or from the BART station and that kept me going nicely. When I got home, I cut some cheese slices, fried up a Paratha bread from the freezer, and steamed up what was probably the last of the broccolini (writing this the 30th). It was a fine dinner, but eating at 9 is not a great idea.

I had a bit of St. Andres Cotes de Gascogne for lunch, and had some more with dinner. It’s a really nice, fresh, inexpensive wine that goes with lots of things.


I defrosted the second half of a roll D bought for me yesterday morning, and I had half of for lunch then. I think both days I opened the roll and put very-thin-sliced onion on one side and some cheese on the other – probably raclette – and also some mayonnaise and seedy mustard from the Bowl, and broiled the surfaces. D’s invention. It’s a delicious sandwich!

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