Cheese Board pizza – 20 May 2017

Oh, the trials of living in Food Heaven!

I really wanted to go get some Cheese Board pizza for lunch, since I was running around town anyway, but I had stuff I needed to use up that would be lunchy. Solution! Get the pizza and have it for dinner. I bought a half-pizza, light-baked, and reheated in the small oven till it looked good (400 degrees, perhaps 5 minutes this time). Unfortunately, I seem not to have photographed the sign saying what the pizza was. I know it had “crushed tomatoes,” looks like lemon or orange zest (but when have they ever used orange?). Maybe has asiago? Rats. I wonder if there is an archive. As you can see, this is not half the pizza. I bravely saved some for tomorrow.

I picked a bottle of our new Minervois from The Wine Mine, Domaine d’Albas (2014), since we have a lot (I bought 3 cases, 2 + 1 as an afterthought) and they won’t keep forever. Wonderful wine!


I cooked up some of the leftover aspargaus I didn’t use for the pizza, and decided to serve it on my new blue plate – only the second time I’ve used it. It was pretty cool 🙂 The thing in line for lunch was an attempted roll, using a bit of the pizza dough that I had divided, from a 2-people-dinner pizza, into 2 personals and… this. I miscalculated, b/c the personals should have been 1/5 of a large recipe, and even halving this ball they would have been only 1/6. And they were less than that. They worked fine, but this roll was not happy. I baked it at I think 350 till it looked too brown, but it never really expanded. Tasty enough, though. I had Cheese Board cilantro sauce waiting for dinner but decided to see if it worked on asparagus. Well, not really. the leftover aioli from the fridge was the right thing (as usual). Had more of the Gascogne, I think. Probably the last bit. A bit of cheese.

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