Ravioli at Pizza Moda – 24 May 2017

D wanted to go out to Pizza Moda, and who am I to argue with that?? We decided on our last visit to come back the following week and get some of the stuff on the (mostly seasonal) menu that we had never had before. Well, sure, yeah. So, several weeks and a couple of airplane trips later, and finally we’re back. We decided to park just short of a half mile away, and walk along a lovely little street to get there, which was very nice.

So there were two ravioli on the menu, and we decided just to get the two of them and share half and half. Here they are:

The main photo is of the potato ravioli, which D started with. That was a good thing b/c I strongly preferred the potato ravioli, and so it was my dessert. D liked both of them. I can’t say I could taste the asparagus in the first one (pictured at left), but it was interesting. A bit tangy, obviously due to the lemon and chilis.


It was $15 wine night – every wine on the menu is $15  on Wednesdays – which is a good incentive to choose an off day to go there. D chose this Negroamaro (we disagreed about the accented syllable, but I think I have won – Neh gro ah MAR oh), which we enjoyed just fine with the meal. It’s a Salento Rosso, by “Masseri Pizzari.” It opened up while we were eating, and I fantasized about calling them next time and ordering the wine two hours before we arrive, and having them open it for us.

We were too full for dessert.

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