Broccoli rabe pizza at Pizza Moda – 1 June 2017

But it sure doesn’t feel like June… that’s ok – we had pizza so all is well.

So, D said let’s go to Pizza Moda for No Corkage Night and have the last of the Pinots in our series. When he brought it up to open it, it was seriously corked 😦 So he went back and got a different wine, and we went to Moda anyway. He was sweet about acquiescing to my desire to try the broccoli rabe pizza. I really liked it a lot, but D merely liked it – thought the tastes didn’t hang together as well as they ought to.

Here’s how they describe this pizza on the menu:

D suggested we get a small version and also an arugula and strawberry salad, and then we discussed a bit and he said let’s get a big pizza and we’ll have leftovers for lunch. So we did.

The salad was, as usual, very carefully dressed, and quite intriguing: the strawberries, rather few of them, added an unexpected burst of complexity to the flavor.

The (second) wine D brought up was this Brouilly, 2013 Chateau Thivin ($23, D thinks from the Bowl). It wanted to have been opened earlier, but we swirled it a bit, and D even shook the bottle some (thumb over top) and it was fine. The owner came by and took a small taste, too 🙂






I really like the feel of this place. They took what probably used to be a cheap diner and gave it a nice ambience. There were quite a few tables empty, probably due to its being the first Warriors game, which I found out about in a long line at the Bowl this noon.

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