Leftover polenta with sauteed greens and peppers – 3 June 2017

We kept these excellent leftovers to have tonight b/c we thought it likely we wouldn’t want a big dinner. We were right. After making this original dinner on the 31st, I spread the leftover polenta in a small, lightly oiled baking pan immediately after cooking, and after dinner I moved the cooled slabs to a refrigerator container. Had one for a lunch on the 1st with leftover marinated fresh mozarella balls, and this is the remainder. I heated a bit of olive oil in a cast iron pan (the medium one, for the record) and fried the polenta slab on both sides. I just microwaved the veggies, turning a few times with a fork, and served the veggies over the polenta. Since there’s an ample amount of parmaggiano in the polenta, this is really a complete – indeed, excellent – meal. We had only water to drink because…

The reason we didn’t expect to be hungry for a big dinner was the Pints for Paws benefit from 2-5pm for the Humane Society. Tastings of beers, ciders, wines – even though I asked for small pours… woa, lots of alcohol. And really interesting! Nice we can walk home from this šŸ™‚ Anyway, we had a snack about noon, assuming we’d get lunch from one of the food trucks at the event, and we did, indeed, get a couple of pizzas (for D & me, R & E) from “Fist of Flour,” who bring their own wood-fired oven! We got a “classico” that had pepperoni and mushrooms, and a “funghi,” which was veggie. The pizzas were excellent (though hard to hold – the crust didn’t stay stiff).

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