Pizza with eggplant and roasted red pepper – 4 June 2017

I planned to make this pizza using the rest of the grilled eggplant slices from the eggplant “sandwich” night on the 2nd. I also grilled up a mediumish red pepper at the same time, and left it in a closed container for [well over] fifteen minutes, then refrigerated it till today. I used probably just over half of the pepper on the pizza, cutting it into chunks, after peeling and seeding it. I have most often (though not lately) used eggplant slices that were painted not just in olive oil (as these were) but olive oil with marjoram and rosemary, salt and pepper, intended for Georgeanne Brennan’s eggplant/aioli sandwiches. So I pulled a few stems of marjoram, and put the chopped leaves on the pizza, most with the cheese, some over the top after cooking. I basically followed this old blog post. Used about 1.6 oz feta instead of 2 oz b/c that was what was left when I cut the moldy/oldish exterior off the piece in the fridge. 4 oz mozz.

Ready to bake, after one more sprinkle of mozzarella.

For some reason this was not as good as usual  taste was fine, but not delicious. D said I’d have to douse it in oil it I “want it to sell,” which of course has never been an interest of mine 🙂 But he meant it didn’t have the sumptuousness of a professional pizza. I could have used an underlayer of brushed-on oil, or garlic oil, and it might have been better, but I don’t think I usually do that. A mystery. Crust was really good, at least (new today, not defrosted).

D chose this wine that we got on spec from The Wine Mine (didn’t taste it). It turned out to be really good, and we enjoyed it. It’s not in the “rush right back and buy a case” category, but more a “if they still have it when we go back, we could get some more” group. It’s clearly labeled for export, as it has a pronunciation guide for the name: Carpineto Dogajolo (Dogayalo), Toscano. Coast $12.50, a reasonable price. Also had a nifty seal on it:

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