Hamburger; Brussels sprouts – 9 June 2017

I for some reason wanted a hamburger. Just like the occasional hamburger, I guess. So I decided to leave one of the packets of hamburger from Costco on the 8th in the fridge and we cooked it up tonight. We had two of these La Brea ciabatta rolls in the freezer that want 5-7 minutes in a 385 degree (385?? WTF?) oven, so I defrosted them. D bought a new, monster tomato but we had only the slightest bit off the bottom, and instead used up the older one. these are not “tomato” tomatoes at this time of year, just red things that are moist and help out a sandwich. D added chopped leftover scallions, Worcertershire sauce, salt, and pepper to the hamburger, and I mixed it by skoodging a bunch with my fingers, and then made the mix into square-ish patties. I fried them up. We added mayonnaise and ketchup and romaine, plus tomato slices, salted and peppered, and that was that. Burgers wanted a bit more salt, but otherwise were quite yummy. Thank you cow.


I washed, trimmed, and quartered all but one of the Brussels sprouts and D quartered the last one. This is b/c I managed to slice my finger when almost done. #)(%*&#. So I squeezed and then antibioticked and bandaged my finger and he finished the sprouts. Steamed them and then tossed in melted butter.

D suggested one of my Equia Riojas, since we have relatively few dinners that can stand up to such a forceful wine, so I went to the cellar ant picked one up. It’s a 2007, one of the ones we got from Costco, after learning about them and buying a case at Vintage Berkeley. That afaik was all 2005, and I just drank up the last one recently. Those were so “Rioja-tasting” – and that taste is so rare – that I decided to buy a case at VB. The Costco ones were not as dramatically wonderful, unfortunately (lots cheaper, though).

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