Grilled flatiron steak; boiled and fried potatoes; grilled spring onions; fresh carrots – 10 June 2017

D&R were at the Grand Lake market today and so I visited, and D&I decided to buy another flatiron steak from Prather Ranch. We’ve really liked the other two, and these are so small they aren’t even intimidatingly priced (this was just over $6, or $16/lb for .37 lb). Weber’s Real Grilling says just salt and pepper the steaks and grill a couple of minutes on a side. They’re really only 1/2″ thick at most. We’ve cooked these that simply twice now, and D wanted to try adding minced garlic, so he did that. The steaks were again excellent. He also grilled two of the four spring onions we got from Happy Boy at the market. He split the onions lengthwise and just left the green parts on, which made for a chaotically beautiful sight on the grill. I earlier boiled up the Yukon Gold potatoes we had, three of which seriously wanted eating (sprouty, a bit soft) and had to be peeled with a knife b/c they wouldn’t resist well enough for me to use a peeler. The other was fine, and I just washed it. Boiled these and left in a colander for quite a long time, so they were quite dry by the time I heated olive oil in the medium cast-iron frying pan and fried them up. Started with perhaps 1/3 of a yellow onion that was left in the fridge, then added the potatoes when the onion was soft. I cleaned up two carrots that we got at Happy Boy, which were really unnecessary once I realized we should have the onions, but there they were, all prepped, and we enjoyed them, too.

So – great dinner! Everything went well together, which was especially nice. We forgot about bread, which was fine b/c it really was unnecessary. The wine – I brought up two wines, this Greek one from a tasting long ago at Vintage Berkeley (of Greek wines) was $30, it says, and being from 2009 had the better claim on being used. Which is a good thing b/c it was excellent, and went very well with the meal. It’s from Domaine Karydas, and is from a protected designation, “Naoussa.”

We bought three new peaches at the market and had two left from the Bowl that were ready to eat, so we had one of those two for dessert. I noticed D had dumped the last six of the cherries (also from the Bowl) out and he explained they were on their way out and needed eating, so we added those to dessert.



As we do most visits, I bought an Arizmendi pizza on my way into the market for D’s & R’s & my lunch. This was a very good one (they’re all good) with fresh tomatoes, goat cheese, and herbs. I thoroughly enjoyed it! I forgot to take the picture till only a small bit of my last (second) slice was left, so it turned into a closeup.

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