Chicken with tarragon/vinegar onion sauce; rice; green beans – 11 June 2017

Hello computer.

When E & I went to Costco, I bought a pack of chicken breast “fillets” – which turns out to mean no tenders included – and D and I decided to leave one of the packets in the fridge rather than freeze them all. I used one of the chicken breasts in this dinner (adapted from Recipes from a French Herb Garden by Geraldine Holt) and the other is in the fridge for our next dinner, which will also use tarragon. I sliced the breast into three slabs, and salted and peppered them, then browned on both sides in about 1 Tbsp butter, in our large cast-iron frying pan. At this point, the recipe, which does not assume you have slabbed the chicken, says to cover and cook 10-12 minutes. Because of the thinness of the slices, I cooked only 5 minutes, but that, plus the time they spent in the warm oven while the sauce was cooked, made them a bit dry and tough. Anyway, the plates, plus a lunch-plate to hold the cooked chicken, were in the oven at about 200 degrees or less, and I moved the chicken to there, and added about another Tbsp butter and half a large onion, finely chopped/diced, to the pan and cooked about 5 minutes, till the onion was soft, then added 2 Tbsp each tarragon vinegar and red raspberry vinegar and cooked down a few minutes. Finally, I added about another 1/2 Tbsp butter (leaving the other 1/2 Tbsp for D to use on the beans, and then he didn’t use it up) I cooked 1 cup Thai jasmine rice in 2 cups water and 1/2 tsp salt, and spooned that onto the warmed plates, cut two of the chicken pieces into bite-sized bits and arranged over the rice, then topped with the sauce. Forgot it was supposed to have tarragon over the top (1 Tbsp for two) which D remembered partway through. So I added only perhaps 1/3 of the tarragon I had cut up, and the rest remains for the next dinner. Meanwhile, D cooked the green beans (blue lake) as usual, and added butter on top at the end. I had removed an end of last week’s Acme Sweet Batard from the freezer but not early enough, so I popped that in the oven with the warming plates for several minutes – not sure how many – and it ended up nicely crispy on the outside. Very pleasant.

I had brought up a “Bourgogne Passetoutgrain” [not strictly “Burgundy” but I’m not making a new tag for this!] (2014) last night as an alternative choice, and we had that tonight instead. It’s from Domaine Confuron-Cotetidot, and with those two designations together, it probably has more letters on the label than any other wine I’ve had 😉 It cost $19 at The Wine Mine, and we’re pretty sure we bought it ‘on spec,’ rather than having tasted it. We should have opened it earlier, to be sure (D put it, at my request, into our rolly decanter) but still, not thrilled with it, particularly, and, especially given the price, won’t buy any more of it.


We had this beautiful – looking tomato with only the thinnest slice having been taken off the bottom to complete the hamburger dinner, and resolved to have cheese sandwiches with it – which was D’s original intention in buying it. This is odd, b/c D is usually pretty resistant to buying tomatoes that are not at their summer peak (except for sauces). But for his recent airplane flights, he decided to add tomato slices to moisten up his sandwiches b/c unable to use mayonnaise with no refrigeration available for the long wait till his meal. So now there is Precedent, and he is buying tomatoes for sandwiches. Moistness, they do nicely.

I defrosted four slices from a loaf of Semifreddi Odessa Rye that we bought a few months ago – for ham sandwiches I think – at the bakery outlet on Claremont that has since closed. We had lunch there, too, – likely the same trip – on the way home from Tilden Park. The rye bread must be a real survivor – it was still great. I planed some English Sharp Cheddar from the Bowl and added romaine and mayonnaise, plus Bowl seedy mustard to D’s, and the sandwiches were great. Scrubbed and split two carrots from yesterday’s Grand Lake farmers’ market (Happy Bow Farm) and that was lunch. Oh also we drank up the half-bottle of Verdicchio that we left when on our way to the Zoning Adjustment Board meeting.

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