Using up leftovers: chicken with rice; cooked carrots – 13 June 2017

D wants to use up all the myriad stuff in the fridge. We decided to mix the ~1/4 breast of chicken and the rice left over from the 11th, when we served the with onion/vinegar sauce and tarragon, and just to heat up the leftover carrots from the 12th, which were cooked in oil and butter forever (and I also added the leftover butter and oil from the scallion pan to the carrots before stowing them in the fridge). D did the cooking. He cooked some chopped red onion in canola oil, and added the rice, parsley, some butter, and, remarkably, a few drops of rose water, which I actually identified, and I thought which added a quite intriguing note to the dish. He just reheated the carrots. Probably turning them a bit more often would have been good, but anyway, they were delicious. He cut up one of the black mission figs he had bought at the Bowl but found they were not really good yet. So not a major flavor treat. We are going to stuff and broil the rest.

D bought an Acme sour baguette for his lunch (I was at a critical meeting at my former job) and we had bits of that for “sopping bread,” and then I froze two long bits for sandwiches. D got the Ti Point (Kirkland/Costco) Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc out of the fridge. Not an exciting wine, but pleasing and highly drinkable, and impressively cheap at I think $6.99.

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