Hamburger; broccoli – 16 June 2017

D thought we should have hamburgers again, and have the yummy summer tomato jam that E made in September on them. We added some of the monster tomato, sliced, salted and peppered, and some romaine. Mayo for me, Mayo and mustard for D. Nothing unusual except the tomato jam, which was wonderful on the burger. D wanted to get buns he thought would be better than the La Brea light-bake ones, but that’s all he could find late in the afternoon. He ended up acknowledging that they were really quite fine hamburger rolls. We have two more in the freezer. The only drawback is how long it takes to heat up the oven. The burgers D mixed, and I’m sure he added Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper, and chopped scallion tops (since they wanted eating). Not sure about other additions? I mixed (skoodged) and shaped the burgers and fried them. Steamed the broccoli and tossed in butter, salt, and pepper as usual.

I decided we should have a bottle of 2010 Kirkland (Costco) Rioja from the cellar, but it did not have that “Rioja taste” that I was so happy with in the first vintage of this wine that we tried. Perfectly good wine, just not with that special taste I was hoping for.


I had noticed that last two of the rather flavorless black mission figs had softened up, and so I washed them and served for dessert. They were, indeed, must more tasty, but really, it’s not Peak Fig yet.



Writing this the 23rd, but I’m pretty sure this was a sandwich on Semifreddi Odessa Rye from the freezer, using the “Danke” German cheese I got at the Bowl a week or so before.

Also some of the monster tomato, and mayo and lettuce. D spread the remainder of the Laura Chenel Chevre from Costco onto the end of the rye loaf (still some slices frozen) and topped with pecans, which would have been great except that the chevre had a funny taste to it. I hate the way they are packaging this cheese now – in a bin instead of a log – it goes bad more quickly with all that surface area. Quitting buying this till they put it back in logs. D cooked up some blue lake green beans and we also had one of the excellent Clausen dill pickles from the fridge.


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